Ideal settings for running BlueStacks instances

Hello everyone! The purpose of this blog post is to give my take on what I believe the best bluestacks settings are for maximizing the amount of Evony bots one can run on their PC.

Performance Tab Settings:

First, you want to set each blue stacks instance to 1 core and 2GB of memory in the settings. See below for screenshot:


Blue Stacks setting for Evony Bots .

If you plan on running a lot of bots, you should be running at 30 FPS. Yes- having the FPS cut to 30 or less does take the Evony app longer to load- BUT it uses almost half of the amount of resources as 60 FPS- Which translates to more bots that can be ran! In my opinion and experience- I will start all my instances, let them load and walk away for a few minutes, and then come back and press go on the bot. Some days I may not check on them again for up to 2 days. Its a set it and forget it thing. I may remote in or if I am home check on them once in a while, but I never sit in front of them while they are going, kind of defeats the purpose ! The bot is great for getting things done in evony, but maintaining a life !

Next important thing- DO NOT turn on enable high frame rate. 


Display Settings: 

Next setting to check is the Display settings. Ideal setting for this is Portrait, and 540 x 960. See screenshot for example:


Evony TKR Blue Stacks display settings

Graphics Settings : 


The next settings are perhaps the most important ones. If this is wrong, it could cut what you can run by half- maybe even more. This is the graphics settings tab under settings.

1.The graphics renderer needs to be DirextX. It just works better with Evony and the bot, and its been proven not having it set to this dramatically decreases what you can run.

2. ASTC Textures (Beta) I always set this to OFF. 

See below screenshot for example:

Evony TKR Blue Stacks Graphics Settings


Advanced Settings : 

This last one isn't really a performance type of setting, but a setting that needs to be turned on for the bot to be able to function. You need to turn on Android Debug Bridge (ADB) in order for the bot to work. The port number shown is of course the port number you would add in the bot interface to work with the instance. See screenshot for example:

Evony TKR Bluestacks Settings Advanced

If you have any questions on best practices or need help setting up any of your instances, please give us a shout!






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