Custom built workstations tailored to run the maximum number of emulators/bots. Play when you want to play and keep growing- bot better.

If you would like something more custom that is not listed, including regular gaming type PCs, please email to discuss. We are happy to complete builds of all kinds and sizes.

We have been building PCs for running the most bots as possible for over a year now. Every part that goes into our builds is carefully inspected and put through a 24 hour torture test before shipping. Anything that doesn't meet our requirements is replaced and retested.

All testing and estimates are done for the best bot out there- ESB!

All orders are custom built. Please allow 2 weeks from order date for item to arrive.

Looking for something different that isn't listed? We are happy to do custom builds, email to inquire!

We can also offer custom gaming PC builds if you are looking for something other then a PC just to run multiple Evony emulators/bots!