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Approx 20* Instance Dual CPU w/ GTX 1070

Approx 20* Instance Dual CPU w/ GTX 1070

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Dual CPU - 20 core / 40 Threads

64 GB DDR4 Memory

GTX 1070 GPU

256GB Boot Drive for windows

1 TB NVME SSD Storage

WIfi 6 card with bluetooth

Windows 10 pro 


All orders are custom built. Please allow 2 weeks from order date for item to arrive.

All parts are refurbished(SSD drives will be new) and tested to be in good working condition. System will be turnkey and ready for you to start using right away.


 *PC will come with Windows 10 Pro installed along with Bluestacks set to the correct settings to maximize the amount of instances you can run. Instance count is based off these settings, mainly focusing on boss joining and farming tiles. Auto setter and boss scanning tend to be a more resource heavy bot task. Other factors come into play with total number able to be ran as running other programs or multi tasking on the PC will take away from CPU, GPU, and memory utilization. How you set the bot up to run, and what tasks it is performing can also be a consideration*

We are happy to assist with helping to set the first few instances up with advice on best practices learned in our experience, as well as answer any questions you have!



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24 x 24 x 12

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